Following The Lamb

Revelation is the strangest book in the whole Bible, and for many people, it is a closed book. They avoid it, thinking it too mysterious for them to understand. On the other hand, a few people seem to live in the book of Revelation, concentrating all their reading of Scripture on this one book alone. Both of these extremes are shortsighted.

Revelation addresses the common challenges facing Christians under Roman rule, rather than speaking only to those enduring a time of terror. Some of the readers were struggling, but others were affluent and complacent. Revelation’s visions work to shape the fundamental convictions of the readers and call us to renewed faithfulness to God and the Lamb (working) out the implications in the contexts where we live.

The goal of these sermons in Revelation is to present the message of Revelation in a manner that is accessible, engaging, and meaningful. Revelation is not about the antichrist, but about the living Christ. It is not about a rapture out of this world but about faithful discipleship in this world. We will be addressing the central truths and realities of Revelation that we can know for sure. We will also be asking, “what type of congregation (and individual disciple) is Revelation attempting to form?”

08-05-18       One Weird Book                          Revelation 1:1-3

08-12-18       The Center of the Universe          Revelation 4:3-6

08-19-18       The Conquering Lamb                 Revelation 5:4-6

08-26-18       The Seven Spirits Before The Throne     Revelation 1:3-6

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