A Word Of Encouragement

Because life is difficult and the walk of faith is an upward climb, we need encouragement. We need to be urged on when we don’t feel like going anymore. We need to have our thinking jolted in God’s direction when temptations and struggles pull us down. The Book of Hebrews offers a word of encouragement to keep your faith strong.

First, the writer encourages us to keep listening to God’s message in Christ. God has always revealed His will to His people. But in the last days, He went to the trouble to become flesh and deliver His once-for-all-time will to mankind. If you want to stay faithful to Him, focus on Christ, His character, and His message for your life. Without staying focused on His message, we will drift away from God.

Next, the writer urges us to profit from examples of faithfulness and unfaithfulness. This will help us to imitate successful, rather than unsuccessful spiritual behavior. People like Abel, Enoch, Noah, Moses, and especially Jesus, never gave up walking with God. They inherited God’s great rewards and promises. The Israelites, on the other hand, were redeemed from slavery only to die in the wilderness before reaching the promised land. This disaster occurred because they did not heed the word of God or trust His promises enough to do His will. Let us, then, run the race of faith with endurance, as Jesus did, and be careful not to repeat the faithless fall of the Israelites.

In addition, Hebrews encourages us to draw near to God personally through Jesus Christ. Since Jesus has opened the way to God by His own death, and since He always stands before God to intercede on our behalf, we should regularly draw near to God in prayer and praise. We can come to Him any time with a sincere heart and full assurance of faith, knowing that He will welcome us. Constantly seeking and receiving His grace, constantly seeking and receiving His divine help, we can weather the storms of life faithfully. Being in a trusting personal relationship with God and Christ Our High Priest is crucial to continued faithfulness and spiritual growth.

All of us made our confession of Jesus Christ as our Lord, King, and High Priest. The Bock of Hebrews can be summarized in the writer’s repeated exhortation “Let us hold fast our confession,” (4:14; 10:23). “Do not cast away your confidence,” he says in another place. So be encouraged, fellow Christian, to endure in your faith. Never give up, because God has prepared for us a city and will keep all of His wonderful promises!

Dan Owen

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