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How one conceives of (thinks about) God determines one’s spiritual life. This is because God is the ultimate subject of the Bible. God is the beginning and end. Everything else flows from who He is.

Biblical faith is rooted not in our discovery of God but in His disclosure of Himself. The way God is, the way God acts and the way God relates to others are not things we are left to figure out but are revealed to us in the Bible. This means that the Bible is the source book for our understanding the nature and character of the God.

God has used numerous images through which He has disclosed Himself to us, “Because no one portrait of God is fully adequate to describe him, multiple images are necessary for a holistic picture of God” (Allan Coppedge, Portraits of God: A Biblical Theology of Holiness, Kindle Edition). If you take a moment, I am sure that a number of these self-disclosing images will come to you.

Images such as Creator, Shepherd, Father, Love, Judge, etc. probably came to your mind.

I realize that God is incomprehensible, yet, God has graciously disclosed Himself to us. Since God has done this, it benefits and enriches God’s people to attempt to comprehend the incomprehensible God. This sounds self-defeating but is in line with Paul’s prayer in Ephesians 3:18-21 (for the saints to comprehend the incomprehensible love and power of God). We will never grasp everything about God. Spending time discerning what God has revealed about Himself should move us into a deeper relationship Him.

We this in mind, we will focus on God with the sermons in July.


July 2           God Is A Consuming Fire   Isaiah 33:14-16

July 9           God Is Holy                       Psalm 99

July 16          God Is A Warrior               Exodus 15:1-3

July 23          God Is Glorious                 Nehemiah 1:5

July 30          God Is Light                      1 John 1:5