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Whose Mark Do You Wear?

We live in an increasing image-based culture. Icons are everywhere. It is vital for businesses to establish their “brand” and cultivate an “image.”

Revelation constructs a world full of “signs” and “images.” One of the themes found in Revelation is that of being “marked” or “sealed.”

One item contemporary readers of Revelation get sidetracked on is the mark of the beast (Rev. 13:16-18). There is a fantastic array of suggestions concerning the meaning of “666,” many of which relate to the contemporary situation (at the time they were suggested) and have absolutely no meaning to the original readers of Revelation. Some of the popular targets have been “Caesar Nero,” “Ronald Wilson Reagan,” “Mikhail Gorbachev,” and various popes in Roman Catholic history. The hot name when I taught Revelation at Amarillo College was “Prince Charles.” The lengths some will go to to get a person’s name to add up to 666 are incredible.

Everyone receives a “mark” or “seal.” This mark figurative (symbolic) and not literal. There are two contrasting “marks” in the book of Revelation. God “marks” His people and “the earth beast” also “marks” those who follow him. The “mark” that one wears signifies the spiritual reality to which one belongs. Both stamps of ownership are placed on the hand, and/or forehead, symbolizing commitment and allegiance demonstrated through thinking and actions. Both marks portray a person’s loyalties reflected in their ethical choices and objects of worship.

Having God’s seal and bearing God’s name is the same thing in Revelation. Both the seal and the name of Christ and God are placed on the person’s forehead (Rev. 7:3; 9:4; 14:1; 22:4) and signifies that one is owned by (belongs) to God.

Dan Owen at Columbine

Dan Owen will be teaching and preaching at the Columbine church of Christ (7453 S. Zephyr Ct. (NE corner of Ken Caryl and Wadsworth), Littleton, CO 80128 on Sunday morning, September 16. Bible class is at 9:00 AM and worship is at 10:00 AM (Dan is preaching on Encouraging One Another). Please join us (you will be blessed).

Expositor’s Seminar 2018

Here are the audio files from Expositor’s Seminar. Unfortunately, the file size of Mark Black’s fourth presentation was too large to upload to this website. If you cannot download these files and/or would like Mark Black’s fourth presentation, please email Mark Johnson and he will Dropbox the files to you.