Fellowship Of The Forgiven

We started a new Wednesday evening class entitled “Fellowship of the Forgiven.” We are studying and discussing the critical and exciting subject of biblical forgiveness. There are a multitude of ideas concerning forgiveness, and most of these ideas do not cohere to what God has revealed concerning forgiveness.

There are also numerous substitutes for biblical forgiveness. These substitutes can ease our troubled minds in the present, but do not achieve the real goal of forgiveness.

We are already a few lessons into this critical study, but there is still much to learn in front of us. I know life can be hectic, and the “world goes on.” Some of us have schedules that do not permit our participation in a Wednesday evening class. Some of us do not (and should not) be “getting out” after dark. However, that still leaves a bunch of Columbine members who choose not to participate in a Wednesday night class. What are we doing that is more important than learning about and experiencing forgiveness?

Fellowship of the Forgiven Lesson Plan

Lesson 1        Delving into Forgiveness

Lesson 2        Getting God’s Perspective On Forgiveness

Lesson 3        The Foundation For Our Forgiveness

Lesson 4        A Matter of Life and Death

Lesson 5        Sweet Forgiveness

Lesson 6        Forgiveness is Conditional

Lesson 7        Confession and Forgiveness

Lesson 8        Forgiveness and Reconciliation

Lesson 9        The Church as a Forgiving Community

Lesson 10      Various Matters Concerning Forgiveness

I hope you can and will join us on Wednesday nights because forgiveness matters.


Mark Johnson

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