Mark’s Remarks

One important aspect of church revitalization is that the congregation gets an “outward” focus.

Two “outward” focused opportunities are in Columbine’s near future, and I hope you will commit to being a part of one or both of them.

One opportunity is FriendSpeak. FriendSpeak trains churches to reach out to our international neighbors with English, friendship, and the Word of God. As families from every corner of the globe arrive in our neighborhoods, Christians have an opportunity like never before to reach the world with the Good News of Jesus. FriendSpeak is useful because we offer people something they want but have difficulty finding – a friend who will help them practice and improve their conversational English.

FriendSpeak prepares God’s people to conduct well-planned, one-on-one, English conversation classes (entirely in English) while teaching them to share their faith in a very natural and comfortable way. Our training focuses on three core principles that empower Christians to act with confidence: 1) The Word is the teacher, and we are the illustration, 2) A friendly relationship is more productive than Teacher vs. Student, and 3) Scripture is the basis for conversation.

If using this method of evangelism interests you, please contact Mark Johnson (this week).

The second opportunity is Vacation Bible School, June 28-29. VBS is an opportunity to invite people to come and study God’s Word and get to know God’s people. Vacation Bible School is girls and boys, paste and paint, and noise.  It is paper and scissors, lessons and workbooks, and noise. It is games and refreshments, prayer and singing.  It is a good time. It is learning time.

Vacation Bible School is an opportunity to serve.

Vacation Bible School is an opportunity to invite family, friends, and neighbors.

Vacation Bible School is an opportunity to learn. VBS classes are not just for kids; we have an adult class!

Vacation Bible School is an opportunity to fellowship with the good people of God.

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