Mark’s Remarks

We are off to a good start with the spiritual development program that we are implementing. Many have signed up to read the New Testament through this year. Did you get the first five chapters of Matthew read this past week? If you did not sign-up, it is not too late to start and catch-up. Reading plans are available in the foyer, on the congregational web page, and the church Facebook page. You can accomplish this goal by reading a chapter a day (actually five chapters in a seven-day span). Also, you can use the various audio devices to read the texts to you (in the car, at home, etc.). This is a reachable goal that all of us can achieve and we all ought to want to participate in.

A second spiritual discipline area we agreed to participate in is that of memorizing 100 verses of Scripture this year. We attempted to coordinate the memory verses with the New Testament readings. I realize that the thought of memorizing 100 verses sounds a little overwhelming, but it really amounts to memorizing 2 verses each week (that does not sound so bad). Many of you probably already know several of the verses we have chosen to memorize. The list of memory verses is available in the foyer, on the church website, and on the church Facebook page. A “log sheet” for recording the verses that you memorize is also available in the foyer.

A plan is in place to begin the Song Leading area of the spiritual development program. Ed Conrad has volunteered to coordinate this area (way to go Ed!). How we are going to carry out the Good Samaritan (service projects) area is less clear. We will need to a meeting later this month (I am guessing on a Sunday morning following the AM assembly, but my guess might be wrong) to discuss how we want to proceed with this. If you are interested in doing service projects, be thinking about what you want to do (not what you want someone to do) and what it will take to make your idea work.

If you would like to participate in Yellowstone Bible Camp this summer, registration is now “live.” You can find out more information concerning YBC on their website I will be teaching at Family Camp I, June 30-July 7(camp session information – It would be great to have a few familiar faces there (all the faces there will be friendly).

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