Negative Advertising

I am past ready for the elections to be over. This is not because I am eager to have a candidate win (I am much more concerned about the initiatives then I am the candidates). I am eager for the elections to be finished so that all the election advertising will discontinue.

When we lived in Olympia, we were not bombarded with all the advertising that we are here. It is incredible how many pieces of campaign literature we get in our mailbox every day.

Most of the election advertising is negative (which could be too mild a word). Most of the campaign rhetoric is designed to make people dislike someone or something, instead of being sold on someone or something.

Negative advertising only goes so far, and it gets very wearisome. The reason the political campaigns use this method is that it is more effective than other methods.

There was a time when the Lord’s church seemed to be known for what it was against (faith only salvation, sinner’s prayer, sprinkling for baptism, instrumental music with spiritual songs, etc.). Many in the church concluded that “negative advertising” was not the best thing for the church to be known by.

The past couple of decades have been a time when a large segment of the Lord’s church has attempted to be known for what we are for (loving God, loving neighbor, grace, etc.).

I am for the being known for the “positives.” Mainly being known for what you are against is not the best way to be known. However, this move away from “negative advertising” seems to have resulted in the church blending into the larger religious/spiritual surroundings.

Let us be the people of God who are known for the right (positive) things. Let us also be recognized for opposing the things that are out of line with the right (positive) things. If there one thing to learn from all of the negative political advertising, it is that people are not currently swayed by only a “positive” message.

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