Questions for “LIFE IN THE CITY OF GOD” (Rev. 21:22-27) for Sunday, March 31, 2019



  1. Track God’s presence living with people throughout the Bible (provide names, places, or events and Biblical text)


  1. Track the temple theme throughout Revelation. Note the relationship between God and worshippers, what the worshippers do, and what God does (provide Biblical references).


  1. What associations does the idea of “light” and “lamp” have throughout the Bible?


  1. What are gates for (what is the function of a gate) and why is it significant that the gates for the New Jerusalem are never closed? Identify other “gates” in the Bible that deal with access to God.


  1. What does the absence of evil, uncleanness, etc. in the New Creation mean to you?


  1. Who does “the kings” and “the nations” (21:24, 26) refer to?


  1. Some people think that Rev. 21:24, 26 indicate “universalism” (everyone is saved). Do you agree, why or why not?


  1. What does it mean that nations bring “glory and honor” to God (Rev. 21:24, 26)?



  1. What biblical texts that God desires all the families of the earth to experience His blessings?


  1. What biblical texts indicate hope that people from all ethnic groups will come to learn God’s ways?


  1. Look up unreached people groups (you can use a website like Over the next week, commit to praying for a new unreached people group at least once each day. (I know this is not a question!)


  1. What does it mean to walk in God’s light (21:24)?


  1. Where else in Revelation is the book of life mentioned?

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