Questions For Reflection for Sunday, March 17, 2019

  1. What is the contemporary depiction of the final state? Describe it? Does this depiction inspire your hope? Is there anything about this depiction that bothers you?

2. What does it mean that “heaven and earth departed” (Rev. 21:1)?


  1. What does it mean that the “sea was no more” (Rev. 21:1)?


  1. Why is “a new heaven and a new earth” in Revelation 21:1 followed by the description of a Garden-like city in the shape of a temple (21:2, 10-21)?


  1. What other verse in Revelation refers to “new Jerusalem the city”?


  1. What does new Jerusalem symbolize?


  1. What is the point of similarity between Jerusalem and a bride adorned for her husband (Rev. 21:2)?


  1. What is the most precious aspect of the new heaven and new earth (New Jerusalem) to you?


  1. Where else in Scripture is the action of “wiping away tears” (Rev. 21:4) also described?


  1. What is signified by the verb “to be thirsty” (Rev.21:6)? (support your answer)


  1. Where else in Scripture does God come to us?


  1. Each verse in this section recalls passages from the writings of the prophets, what are some of those passages?


  1. What is the most significant “take away” for you from the text of Revelation 21:1-8 and the sermon (“All Things New”) dealing with it?

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