Return Of The Sermon Discussion Session

Beginning Sunday, November 1, 2020, we are going to restart the sermon discussion session. The discussion session will be like what we were doing on Sunday afternoons before COVID. One significant difference is that I will not finish the sermon during the first part of the session; it will be devoted entirely to discussing material relevant to the sermon’s application.

This session will begin approximately ten to fifteen minutes following the dismissal of the morning worship assembly. For example, if the morning assembly ends at 10:15 AM, we will start the discussion session at 10:30 AM. If the morning assembly ends at 10:30 AM, then the discussion session will begin at 10:45 AM.

We are envisioning a time frame of thirty to forty-five minutes. The amount of discussion will determine the length of the session. Participants can plan on being finished by 11:30 AM, if not earlier. This session will be “in-person” only (it will not be available on Zoom or Facebook).

I envision an atmosphere where we are interacting with each other. My role will be that of “facilitator” or “moderator.”

I wonder if we can find a space for those of us who chose to participate in sitting in a physically distanced circle. It might even be chairs in the auditorium. The circle arrangement is more conducive to group discussion than the “person at the front arrangement.”

Discussion questions are provided for each lesson. One purpose of the questions is to help make relevant applications of the sermon. In this regard, you may want to plan on participating in this discussion with your other questions and observations than those provided. Some of the provided questions may go beyond the material included in the sermon.

I hope you will choose to participate in this spiritual opportunity. The discussion on Sunday will concern why we believe the Bible is God’s Word!

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