Seeking God’s Presence

God is a rewarder of those who seek Him (Hebrews 11:6). God desires to support those who are seeking Him actively; therefore, “the “eyes of the LORD” scourer the earth for people whose hearts are wholly devoted to Him (2 Chronicles 16:9). When God’s “eyes” look at you and me, does He find someone to “strongly support”? Does God “see” someone who yearns for the presence of God?

Psalm 27 is labeled as a psalm of David. In the psalm, David states that there is “one thing” that he seeks (Psalm 27:4). David hungered for the presence of God (Psalm 27:4).  David was single-minded in his pursuit of God’s presence. David that he worships because he finds God there. Worship is not about entertainment, what one can get out of it, having better families, about being a better person, or even what God can do for us. Many of those items are by-products of being a true worshipper of God, but none of them form the primary reason for worship. One is to worship because he or she is seeking God’s presence.

The “greatest command” of loving God with all of heart, soul, and mind (Matthew 22:36-38) is about pursuing God. Seeking God’s presence is not just one among many things that one does. Seeking God’s presence is not another item to check off of the “things to do today list.” Genuinely seeking God’s presence is a passion. It burns in the heart. People who seek God’s presence find the time to seek Him. They fill up their spare moments with God. People who seek God’s presence dig deep into God’s revelation (the Bible). Seeking God means being taught and conformed to God’s ways (Psalm 27:11).

Being in God’s presence now is a foretaste of eternity. The faith of those who seek God’s presence does not get “bent out of shape” when things go wrong. No, when life is not going so well, they just seek God more earnestly (Psalm 27:5-13). In the day of trouble, God’s seekers wait and take courage (Psalm 27:14).

Do you seek God’s presence? Is God’s presence a passion in your life, or is it a component of your life? Let us be like the psalmist and single-mindedly determine to seek the beauty of the Lord’s presence (Psalm 27:4).

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