Take Time To Pray

Set aside 15 minutes to pray today, and you might find these things happen:

  1. You’ll be more focused on God. Even if only for a few minutes, looking toward the throne of God can move your heart.
  2. You’ll be more convicted over your sin. That happens when you spend time with God, but that’s a good thing. Conviction leads to repentance, which leads to forgiveness and cleansing.
  3. You will be more grateful. Most of us do indeed need to pray more – and our hearts are thankful when God helps us to make and keep that commitment.
  4. You will be a godlier person. I’m assuming, of course, that your time with God leads to genuine change, but you’ll humbly hold your head higher in your home if it does.
  5. You will release some of your burdens. Fifteen minutes may not be long, but it’s time with God. He’s in charge of how much He will change and encourage us in those minutes.
  6. You will express your love for somebody. Few things are as loving as interceding for others and taking them to God’s throne – even if you do it in the quiet of your prayer closet for just a few minutes. Pick up the church directory and pray for one family in the directory each day.
  7. You will want to pray even more. Nobody ever prayed more than 15 minutes without praying the first 15 minutes. Spend a few minutes with God, and you’ll begin wanting more.

Find 15 minutes today . . . and pray.

Edited by Mark Johnson (original article by Chuck Lawless)

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