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Fall is in the air, the temperature is dropping, and we have been gearing up for our Lectureship! This will be the Lakes Region church of Christ’s 20th annual lecture-ship. As always the whole congregation gets involved in helping prepare for the lectureship; everyone wants it to be as good as possible. Thus there has been a lot of our time put toward prep for the lectureship as well. David is scheduled to speak once at the lectureship, so he has been preparing for that in between his normal work. Along with that, the congregation has been streamlining the way that we do our recordings of the lectureship as well as the way our Power Point projector is wired. So David has spent a bit of time crawling around in the attic of the church building making sure everything works right.

As exciting as the upcoming lectureship is, it is by no means that only thing that has been worked on. This month God has presented us with some unique outreach opportunities. We have had a number of visitors from the community this month, one of which is a gentleman who showed a considerable interest in the truth. He had been unsatisfied with his experience at one of the local denominations, and decided to “try us out.” He studied with David for a few weeks, while attending Sundays and Wednes-days. But he recently had a death in his extended family and had to travel to the funer-al. Since that time we have not been able to get ahold of him, but we are praying that we are able to continue to study with him in the future. There have also been a couple of other visitors who have been coming on and off, who state that they have interest in studying more, but they have yet to commit to a study time. One of the outreach opportunities that has surprised us all a little is a gentleman who came to our paintball game with one of the regularly attending families. He stated upfront that he was skep-tical of religion in general, and the Bible specifically. But the family he came with has been doing a great job reaching out, and he has since come to a couple of our Wednesday night Bible studies a the church building. He could not have started coming on Wednesday nights at a better time because the topic that we have been studying is “Is the Bible is the word of God?” This has been a part of our “Basic Doctrines and common topics” class that we told you about in our last newsletter. The first week we examined scientific foreknowledge of the Bible, and the second we studied fulfilled prophecy in the Bible. These studies have opened up some good discussions with him about the validity of the Bible. It is amazing how God works in these situations. We had recently finished discussing the question “Do Miraculous Spiritual Gifts Exist To-day?” when I presented the questions that has been submitted so far to see what the class wanted to tackle next. The class decided on the topic “Is the Bible the Word of God?” To be honest, I had not been planning on covering that topic because I thought it was a bit redundant given who normally attends our Wednesday night Bible studies. Continued

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I thank God for His wisdom and the wisdom of those who are more mature than I, be-cause the topic that I had not been planning on covering is opening a dialogue with a sceptic. This topic has also provided an opportunity to study topics that we do not study very often, but that can go a long way in showing the validity of that on which we base our faith! Please pray for all the people we have been studying with and who have been visiting. We are excited to see what God will do.

September has also seen the continuation of some of our regular (but by no means boring) ministry work. David continues to study with Ray on a weekly basis, as well as conducting a college Bible study on the PSU campus. Keely has been devoting a lot of time to one on one studies with some of the women of the congregation who are going through tough times and reaching out to their daughters. She has also been committing considerable time to one of her non-Christian friends. While this has not yet resulted in a Bible study, she is paving the way for future Spiritual discussions.

David’s current sermon series has been on “The Love of God as Seen in His Church.” In this series we have been examining various aspects of Christ’s church that show God love. David and the Elders have also started to discuss what theme we want to have for next years sermons. There are a couple of strong possibilities, but we will leave you in suspense until we are full decided.

As always, we want to say a huge “Thank you” to all of you, our supporters! Your prayers are much needed and appreciated, and your monetary s

The kids had a wonderful time with Keeley’s parents and brother, Wesley, from the 4th to the 11th. “Nana and Papa” also brought with them their little puppy, Munchkin, so it was quite a fun visit. We had a lot of fun working on projects around the house and hiking, playing rounds of Monopoly (at the request of Silas—he lost interest after about 8 minutes, but we all had fun).

Family News

Keeley’s business had a weird surge this month—it has been a little intimidating trying to keep up with the sudden growth, but the cause for it has been a blessing. 2 women she has been reaching out to for about 2 years now both expressed a need for an unconventional job that would not be impeded by health issues. They both signed up as Mary Kay consultants within a couple days of each other, but the neat thing has been seeing how God is opening doors for much deeper connections to be made and, at least for one of them who is a recommitted Christian, spiritual conversations to take place. As previously mentioned, the same potential lies down the road for the other, as our friendship has now become a business relationship in which we connect more frequently and are building a new level of trust. The kids have been great—all of this means that Mommy has been busier over the last couple weeks helping them get started, but she is doing well and learning a lot about prioritizing her time!