The City Of God Questions for Reflection for 03/24/19



  1. List Scriptures that describe the people of God (both OT and NT) as the wife (married to) either God or Jesus.


  1. John is taken to a “great, high mountain” to see the descent of the New Jerusalem (21:10). Identify some of the mountains that have played an important role in the history of God’s people. Provide the name of the mountain, the event (or events), and the biblical text.


  1. What traits of the people of God from many periods are attributed to the bride in Revelation 21?


  1. What is meant by “having the glory of God” (21:11)?


  1. What else is compared to a jasper stone (21:11) in Revelation?


  1. How does the New Jerusalem represent a place, the people of God, and God’s presence?


  1. List the contrast between the two women/cities runs throughout Revelation 17:1–19:5 and 21:9–22:5.


  1. What is alluring about Babylon (Rev. 17:1-19:5)?


  1. How does the vision of the New Jerusalem (Rev. 21:1-22:5) provide an alternative vision of life?


  1. Are the numbers describing the size of the city (21:16-17) literal or symbolic? If it is symbolic, what are some possible symbolic meanings?


  1. Does the measurement of the wall (21:17) indicate the height or the thickness of the wall?


  1. If the gemstones used to build the city (Rev. 21:19-20) are taken symbolically, what do they represent?

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