Never underestimate the influence of godly women!

Godly women influence people toward God in relationships. Name the relationship that has a godly woman involved in it, and that relationship is being moved toward that which is good and right. It could be a marital relationship. It could be a parent-child relationship. It could be co-workers, friends, neighbors, etc. Think of the godly women that influenced your life, are you not thankful for their influence? We would not be the same without them! There is power here. Not hierarchical, delegated authority type of power. It is the grander power of influence through caring, protecting, nurturing, and loving.

Godly women influence people in the demonstration of godliness. The kindness and gentleness of godly women change us. Godly women demonstrate a desire for God and His word, which helps to create that same desire in the rest of us. When we have received the loving discipline of godly women, we were made better. When we witness the pursuit of godly priorities by godly women (even when it is difficult), a lesson is taught to all of us.

The influence of godly women extends outward. Jesus was financially supported by godly women (Luke 8:2-3). Paul was greatly blessed and encouraged by women. There was the unselfish Priscilla (Acts 18:2) and Lois and Eunice, the grandmother and mother of Timothy (2 Tim. 1:5). Rufus’ mother was like a mother to Paul (Rom. 16:13). There was Lydia (Acts 16:14-15), Pheobe (Rom. 16:1), and so many others whose love and sincere service Paul experienced. When women reach out and encourage, mentor, and care for others around them, their influence for good is multiplied.

The influence of godly women models for us the proper way to handle trials and suffering in life. They put God and others above themselves and provide compelling examples for us. Women are smart, talented, and capable. They are CEOs, doctors, lawyers, judges, politicians, statespersons, and teachers. But the most potent influence of godly women is found in loving relationships (not accomplishments and positions).  Praise be to God for His wisdom in the creation of woman and the significant influence of women who have a heart for God and powerfully influence the rest of us for good.

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