Updated Information From The Elders

The current plan for the Columbine church of Christ during the Coronavirus Pandemic (as of 3/20/20):

Due to concerns about the Coronavirus, the elders ask every member to use their own good judgment relative to attending worship at Columbine. We have decided to only meet for worship on Sundays (keep reading). We will discontinue the 9:00 a.m. Bible class and Wednesday night classes until further notice.

We want everyone to be safe during this time. If you know any members who do not have email, we encourage you to let them know about this announcement.

Mark is working on streaming his sermons on line. We’ll keep you updated as progress is made on this so that we, as the Columbine body, can keep some continuity.

——————————– – – –

The Columbine elders encourage, praise, and support the following measures:

· Pray to God that He will curtail the impact of the Coronavirus.

· If you are sick or do not feel well, please stay home.

· If you or members of your household are elderly or have any high risk factor, please stay home.

· If you have a conviction about not participating in gatherings during the pandemic, please stay home.

· If you are among those that intend to meet for worship, please select one worship time to attend (10 am or 1 pm) and notify Dave at 720-841-4922 or , indicating the service time you plan to attend. If the number attending one service is excessive, we may ask you to be flexible and attend at the other time.

——————————– – – –

Taking communion and the collection will be handled as follows:

(members do not pass trays or baskets)

Servers wash their hands before worship.

Keep every other pew empty.

Servers will pass down the empty pews to serve communion so members do not have to touch the trays or baskets.

——————————– – – –

The collection of the saints: The elders recognize that members’ financial situations may be uncertain or severely impacted during this time. However, the church’s expenses continue regardless of whether we meet at the building. The Lord asks us to give cheerfully as we have prospered. If you are able, please mail a check into the church office. Also, we are investigating ways to contribute electronically. Thank you.

Columbine church of Christ

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