Kastner Family Newsletter October 1, 2015


’Tis the Season

…to be jolly! People are happy

and joyful because the church

from various locations get to1

meet together even more during

the season of gospel meetings.

Local congregations take

advantage of the period of time

between harvesting and planting

to host gospel meetings.

It is a refreshing time for us, as

missionaries. Up until this point in the year, we have coordinated most of the

events in which we have participated. Now, we get to support the

congregations through our attendance and preaching (when invited to do so)

as they evangelize and fellowship through tent meetings.

State of Affairs

MONEY – The Malawian kwacha (unit of money produced in bills) has taken a hit. Beginning in

August, the kwacha has devalued to the US dollar by amounts equating to approximately $.25 per

dollar. The inflation of prices is just around the corner if this trend continues as store owners will not

absorb such deficits in their profit margins for long.


ELECTRICITY – Escom, who has a monopoly on the electric supply, plans to take down two of their

turbins for maintenance. This will leave the entire country without power for 12 days in

January. Escom has been notified by the government that new electric providers will soon be

allowed to enter the market. Consequently, shortages (in excess of the norm 2-6 hours off each

day) will continue for 18 months as Escom prepares to have competition for the first time since

Malawi gained independence 51 years ago.


Thanks to a supporter… we are so blessed to now have a gas stove which will enable us to cook for

our family and next year’s Mobile Bible School teachers unhindered by the upcoming changes.


WATER – A similar situation is happening with the water supply. The water board has also issued its

plans for repairs that will leave Lilongwe without water for 72 hours or more beginning Monday,

Sept. 28th with other periods of shortages to follow. By moving in August to a house that has a

water well, God has safeguarded us against those significant challenges Lilongwe will be facing


Dale, Leann & Alyssa Kastner PO Box 595, Lilongwe, Malawi dnlkastner@hotmail.com

World Bible School

partnered with the

church in Santhe to

host a tent meeting.

Kastner Family Newsletter October 1, 2015


United in Marriage for a Lifetime

Dale was honored to officiate the wedding of Gerald and Bertha from

the Bunda church of Christ on September 5th. He had never officiated

a wedding before as cattle do things a little differently. As Alyssa had

a CVS attack the prior night, the rest of the family didn’t get to witness

this special day.


The culture here is such that the reception is the most important event

for guests to attend on the wedding day. Approximately, 80 people

witnessed the ceremony itself while 200 were present for the reception

and its festivities, food and fun.


United with Christ for Eternity

Dale, Leann & Alyssa Kastner PO Box 595, Lilongwe, Malawi dnlkastner@hotmail.com