What should the Columbine church of Christ do concerning the Corona Virus?

Due to the concerns about the Corona Virus, please use your good judgment relative to attending services at Columbine. We want everyone to be safe during this flu season. If you know anyone who does not get email, we encourage you to let them know about this announcement.

Note: Since the high school that Highlands Ranch meets at is closed, some (12 plus or minus) of their members will likely attend worship with us, perhaps for the next month.

——————————- – – –

The Columbine elders strongly encourage taking the following precautionary measures:

Pray to God that He will shorten this flu season.

Follow common sense advice as can be seen on the CDC website: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-nCoV/summary.html

The elders prefer the CDC website over what is on television and radio news.

Practice good hygiene. Minimize touching one another.

If you or your children are not feeling well or you feel you are at risk then stay home …. God will understand.

For those who are well and do attend services praise God for your faith and good courage.

——————————- – – –

Taking communion and the collection will be handled as follows:

(members do not pass trays or baskets)

Servers wash their hands before worship.

Keep every other pew empty.

Servers will pass down the empty pews to serve communion so members do not have to touch the trays or baskets.

——————————- – – –

I Tim. 3:5  …  in an effort to take care of the church of God.


In Christian love,

The Columbine elders

P.S. We will continue to re-evaluate as more information becomes available and update the congregation with any needed changes to services.

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