When Changes Come

Change is one of the constants of life. Life is swift and filled with changes.

Life is filled with unexpected changes. I prefer routine and predictability. I’m not a “thrill a minute” type of guy. So, I prefer stability to change. However, you may readily embrace change because you may be someone who likes “living on the edge.”

One of the hot words that have cropped during COVID is “pivot.” We told that we must become good at pivoting (changing as one goes).

What do we do when changes come, changes over which we have no control?

First, be thankful that God is constant, and Jesus is “the same yesterday and today and forever” (Heb. 13:8).

Second, sometimes change stirs and moves us. Change can be uncomfortable and lead to unfamiliar territory. Being uncomfortable can be useful for us and help go about doing the things we need to do.

Third, sometimes changes teach us to trust God again. It is easy to misplace our trust (government, health, military might, bank accounts and investments, yourself, etc.).

When Moses and the Israelites were thrown into the desert, there was no one to trust except God. Because they trusted God, they were forced to do many new things that God told them to do (obtaining food in entirely new ways, new battle plans, and living, marching, and constructing things according to God’s design).

Like them, perhaps some of the changes that come to us help us to put our trust in God, where it truly belongs.

Fourth, sometimes changes force us to build again. After being displaced to Babylon, the Jewish exiles were allowed to return to the Promised Land. When they returned to Jerusalem, they found a burned-out city of rubble. God called them to rebuild the temple and to worship Him according to His revealed directives. Sometimes changes show us ways to start building the kingdom of God again in this place.

What shall we do today amid the changes all around us? Let us trust our God and set about obeying God in every way possible.

Mark Johnson

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