Apologetics Press
Publisher of countless books on creationism. Also weekly aricles may be read on-line.
Bear Valley Church of Christ
Website of the Bear Valley Church of Christ in Denver, CO.
Beav Valley Bible Institute of Denver
The Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver is a single purpose ministry training program. We exist to prepare Christians in the Word of God so that they will be effective servants in the church, both locally and world-wide.
Biblical Church Bulletin Articles
A collection of articles that can be used in a church bulletin or printed and used as tracts. Each article is about 350 to 700 words in length. Included are a couple of guest articles.
Helping to spread the word about Humanism and its impact on our life, morals, cultures and family standards. This ministry is overseen by the Elders of the Houston Park Church of Christ in Selma, Alabama.
Christian Courier
Investigating biblical apologetics, religious doctrine, and ethical issues.
Churches of Christ on the web
A pretty complete listing of Congregations that have web sites.
e-Sword is a fast and effective way to study the Bible. e-Sword is feature rich and user friendly with more capabilities than you would expect in a free software package.
 Focus Press  At Focus Press, we desire all people everywhere to come to a full understanding, of true Christianity. Unfortunately, there is much confusion when it comes to the world of religion. Focus Press was formed to publish materials based on the inspired Word of God. Resources that are designed to provide understanding and clarity when it comes to issues that are, quite frankly, sometimes very difficult to comprehend.
 International Bible Studies Tract Rack
  • You are welcome to use all material found here with the following stipulations:
  • The material must be left in original form as to content
  • Credit must be given as to origin (author) and source
  • No charge may be made for the materials if you distribute them
This website has the steps to salvation explained in a simple way.
 Searching for Truth  Six lessons produced by the world video bible school
 Truth for the world Truth For The World is a global evangelism outreach of the church of Christ using media and personal ministries. So what does that mean, exactly? Quite simply, we spread the Word of God using media such as radio, TV, print materials, and the Internet. We also make personal missionary trips around the world and teach at gospel meetings and lectureships.
Online Academy of Biblical Studies
The Online Academy of Biblical Studies is a great resource for any subject you wish to study. This is a four year preacher training school directed and taught by some of the most knowledgeable men in the brotherhood. The purpose of the Online Academy of Biblical Studies is to fulfill a definite need within the churches of Christ. Our great brotherhood is blessed with some excellent schools of preaching that are true to the once and for all delivered faith. We strongly support these. However, there are individuals in our country and around the world who desire to attend such a school, but for various reasons are unable to do so. In order to fill this need OABS (Online Academy of Biblical Studies) was implemented. The OABS is just what the name suggests. It is a school which emphasizes the Bible and related subjects. It is online. That is, it is accessed through the Internet. Therefore, every person in the WORLD who has good access to the Internet will have the ability to participate in the Online Academy of Biblical Studies.
Online Bible Study: Are You Worshipping God In Spirit And In Truth?
This is another online Bible study by Ron Boatwright. This course is written with the hope of helping us to worship God in the way that is acceptable.
Online Bible Study: How To Do Personal Evangelism
This is another online Bible study by Ron Boatwright. The purpose of this course is to help you to teach the lost so they can be saved.
The Preacher’s Files
This site features sermon outlines and Bible lessons by G. E. Watkins and other preachers for the church of Christ.
What Do The Scriptures Say?
A question and answer television program broadcast over KAZT-TV Channel 7, in Prescott, Arizona, to over 3,000,000 homes on Sundays @ 7:30 AM. Hosted by Danny Anderson, Moderator & Mike Scott, Minister.